How ServiceX Works ?

Use Cases

Our app is focused on the unique needs of the home services industry, where jobsites require measuring, surveys, plans, quotes, installation and site inspection. Managing the process is a tough challenge, even with small teams.

To deal with this, SerivceX is integrated with trade specific tools, including the MeasureSquare app and other management software CRM/ERP systems so messages and data can be saved and tracked.

Installation Companies

Office tracks field job operations

Suppose you receive an order to measure a home. The office dispatcher will create a project and add the rep to it, including the GPS location and notes. If there are any problems or issues, the rep can then use the chat feaure to relay the message.

When the rep gets to the client location, he or she can measure it, collect onsite information, take photos and record the floor conditions. Then the rep can create a quote, get a signature and then send it to the office. By doing this while onsite, there is a much higher likelihood of closing the sale.

But the process does not end here. Through ServiceX, the installation crew will be added to the project, which will include the diagram and workorder. In other words, the app is a way to easily manage the full lifecycle of a project.

Bottom line: The onsite rep and office coordinator will significantly cut down on phone time, lower the number of mistakes and streamline the process of making updates to projects.

Multi-family Contractors

Sales rep coordinates with field installers

A sales rep connects with a client (say a property manager) for a carpet replacement job. To do this, he or she simply posts the order in ServiceX and then:

  • The sales rep places a work order and arranges the job with office participants (in the same chat thread)
  • The installer can then be added to the thread with diagrams and work orders. From here, he or she can report in the same thread if there are issues

Bottom line: In any case, sales reps don't have to distrupt his or her current measuring activities or selling tasks to take on an order. Again, everyone is on the same page.

Commercial Contractors

Sales rep collaborates with estimators and PM.

A sales rep will create a project for a bid, which will involve the following:

  • The sales rep invites the estimator to collaborate on a bid/product spec
  • The sales rep invites a sales manager to review bids (which can be at any stage of the project lifecycle)

When a bid is won, the sales rep will then invite a project manager to take on the implementation. After this, there will be an invite for the site manager for the installation stage. In the meantime, the sales rep can invite a client at any stage of the project lifecycle.

Bottom line: By using ServiceX, it's much easier to track updates and product changes, as well as get the status for procurement and shipments. You can even do things like verifity moisture readings at a jobsite, helping to avoid costly mistakes.

You only need a phone to get started

It's really easy, as there are no third-party applications required. You just sign up for the app, invite people and then start messaging!

The app is integrated with Measure Square cloud so projects created with MeasureSquare mobile and desktop can be shared over the chat.

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